Ammiratore Omonimo Records

a label of self love

Why AOR?

Ammiratore Omonimo Records was born in 1999, together with vonneumann. AOR is a strictly DIY endeavour, whose only ever purpose was to finance vonneumann's releases. AOR is vonneumann.

we believe in beautiful and unexpected music. we believe in records. we love the freedom of doing what we want.

now that we’ve passed our 20th anniversary (see how happy those dogs are?), we decided to open the door to other artists.

we don't act as a label. we act out of philanthropy and love. we support artists we consider valid with heartfelt advices and heartfelt funds. no limits on genres.

see below for all non-vonneumann releases.



Everyday life stories put into an extraordinary, acrobatic music: a perfect mixture of styles that will always surprise you. Even if you don't understand Italian, you'll still be surprised!

Ask the White
Sum and Subtraction

Folk roots in the widest sense of the term merge with electronics, incredbile arrangements and, most of all, intricate vocal melodies. A pure gem. 


if you’re an artist or a band, feel free to get in touch. even if you don’t necessarily want to submit music, it’s always nice to become friends!

if you are contacting us to submit your project, please consider that we are not interested in producing your fully finished untouchable release. rather we would like to be involved from the early stages of your proposal, contributing to ideas, arrangements, music and concepts. consider us like a lab.

also consider that, being AOR a fully DIY label, you will have to work your ass off on every aspect of the release, if you want to publish your record with us.


if you're interested in reviewing AOR releases or chatting about our "label", contact us. we can provide you with full press kits (bios, press sheets, photos for print/web, lyrics, etc.) downloads or promo copies or even just some funny jokes