Ammiratore Omonimo Records

A label of self-love.

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About Us

Ammiratore Omonimo Records was born in 1999, together with vonneumann. AOR is a strictly DIY label, whose only ever purpose was to finance vonneumann's releases. AOR is vonneumann. we believe in beautiful and unexpected music. we believe in records. we love the freedom of doing what we want.

now that we’re approaching the 20th anniversary, we decided to open the door to other artists. our first non-vonneumann release will be the incredibly beautiful album of the band Ask The White.

the album releases on the 12.10.2018.

you can read their BIO here in EN | ITA
and download the press sheet of their album in EN | ITA.

if you are a journalist and you're interested in reviewing the album, contact us and we'll provide you with a full press kit (bio, press sheet, photos for print/web and lyrics) and a download code or a promo copy.

if you’re an artist or a band, feel free to get in touch. even if you don’t necessarily want to submit music, it’s always nice to become friends. if you are contacting us to submit your music, please consider that we are not interested in producing your fully finished untouchable album. rather we would like to be involved from the early stages of your proposal, contributing to ideas, arrangements, music and concepts. also consider that, being AOR a fully DIY label, you will have to work your ass off on every fuckin' non-musical aspect of the release, if you want to publish your record with us.

Contact Numbers

Mobile 1: (+39) 333 9689 033
Mobile 2: (+39) 348 896 1040


vonneumann [DDDD0000TTTT] band [AAAATTTT] gmail [DDDD0000TTTT] com


we're based in Rome and Cortona, Italy.
if you pass by, contact us for a beer!